What is Volumetric Weight: Volumetric weight is a calculation of a package. The calculations are used to consider the amount of space a package will take in various modes of transportation.

The formula for calculating the dimensional weight: The following formula is to be applied for calculating Volumetric Weight of a package.

  • BY AIR :- Volumetric Weight : Dead / Dry weight or volumetric whichever is Heigher should be taken while calculating the rates. Formula for arriving at Volumetric Wt.:

      L x B x H ( in cms )    OR       L x B x H ( in inches )

  •           6000                                 366


 BY SURFACE :-   Chargeable Weight :

A : Minimum chargeable weight per Waybill will be 15 kg surface  mode.

B : The volume will be converted into weight based on the formula
                L * B * H ( IN INCH )
               --------------------------       *10   = KGS
C : Chargeable Weight will be the higher of actual and volume weight and rounded off to the next zero.


How to identify whether a parcel is volumetric or not. Please find the below points.

1.      We have to check, if any dimension of the parcel exceeds 110cms then 2 times of the weight (Actual or Volumetric, whichever is more) will be directly charged to the customer/B.A as the Airlines/railway authorities will charge the same to Ondot.

2.      If the parcels which are bigger and irregular in shape, We have to calculate the above formula to ascertain the volumetric weight.

Note: The volumetric or dimensional weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the shipment to ascertain which is greater; the higher weight will be charged.